EXPLOITING CHILDHOOD-WHO WILL SAVE THE CHILDHOOD OF CHILDREN ARTICLE BY VIJAY KUMAR HEER Himachal Pradesh is the land of Gods and people say that children are the angels of God. But it is really very unfortunate that children of Himachal Pradesh are losing their childhood due to the increase of many institutions following the wrong trend of admission of kids in the age of three years. A poet has written that children are not children today as they are loosing everything due to no time for being a child in childhood. They are playing with weapons in childhood and their parents are forcing them to go to school instead of let their children enjoy the period of childhood which makes the personality of child with various activities. In District Hamirpur of Himachal Pradesh (India), I can tell you many schools who have made bargain of childhood by making admission of children in the age of three years in their schools. Now , it is surprising that they are running in a single room having no proper equipments, no playground, no kindergarten, no playway material, but the useless duster and chalks making the children machines of uttering alphabets and some data or counting. What should be the age for admission of children in school ? If parents can give birth to the children, why do they think that he will get childhood from others ? If they cannot love him, cannot let him enjoy the childhood in their leap, then why they give him birth? When we are trying to utilize the maximum time of childhood, then we are supposing to let him be advance in reading and writing. But what will he write in future after becoming a machine devoid of sensibility and emotions when it will be the actual age to write after the school age. When there will be the time to write something beyond his syllabus, he will be dumb like a machine. Who can bell this cat ? Private schools need money and they are looting parents. The modern mothers are also promoting the trend to send the children to these schools in age of three years as they have suffered a lot in his/her caring. But lack of a management in house has made the children toys in hands of fools making them wise. WHERE IS WISDOM, WE HAVE LOST IN KNOWLEDGE? Do you know this truth ? DOES KNOWLEDGE LEAD TO LEARNING OR LEARNING LEADS TO KNOWLEDGE? Children are facing many problems in childhood. They are loosing smile day by day in your schools. You must see what are you doing with them? Please fix the age of admission of children as 5 years. Do not promote LKG and UKG system which waste one year of children with loss of childhood for one more year. Let the kids enjoy their childhood.Admit them in schools when they attain the age of five years. Stop exploitation of children on the name of education.They were innocent without your education,they learned every fraud from your schools. CATCH THEM OLD. PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF KIDS.


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