Sub: Regarding Regular Service Surety Bond for 50 J.B.T trainees (2006-08) getting training in 

          Trisha College of education Hamirpur.


                 With regards, please listen to this request which is quite legitimate and logical.When the candidates of JBT of the session 2006-08 were recruited in DIETs and 5 Private Colleges(Karishma Education centre Dador, Mandi, Indian Institute of Education Ghanahtti, Shimla &Abhilashi Education Society Nerchowk,Mandi,Dwarka  Das Memorial Sai Institute of educational Training,Kalar,Hamirpur & Trisha College of education Thai, Rangas, Hamirpur),all these candidates doing JBT from Trisha College of Education Hamirpur were deprived of the regular service surety bond because the batch had started its training in Feb. 2008 than September 2007 due to aachar sanhita. So the job surety bond benefit was not given to them as all other colleges than Trisha College of Education Hamirpur had started JBT course without affiliation but it was issued later. On 29-09-2007, all JBT trainees got the letter of Regular Job Surety and their bond was fulfilled but after elections of State Legislative Assembly, the trainees selected for JBT course got admission in course on 21-02-08. Now, please note these points logically

  1. 1.      All JBT trainees had got merit in the same JBT entrance test and as per the directions of HP High court about making merit in March 2006. The JBT Trainees deprived of regular service surety bond are also the candidates belonging to same batch and same session. They had been admitted late due to  the reason that Trisha College of Education Hamirpur  petition filed in HP High Court by way of CWP No. 1903 of 2007 for grant of 50 seats and decision of HP High Court had given them relief by  allotting these 50 seats. So legally, the late admission is no criteria to deprive anyone from the be nefit which was given to all other JBT Trainees of this batch. If legal process of HP High Court and Code of Conduct as well as process of counseling by  HP Board of School Education as well as issuing letters of admission by Directorate of Elementary Education (Feb. 2008) took time of six months delay, what is the fault of innocent JBT Trainees who got admission in Trisha College of Education Hamirpur.
  2. 2.      If we consider this delay as the criteria to deny the regular job surety bond , isn’t it the matter of denying respect to decision of HP High Court which had given appointments  to these 50 candidates in this college selected under same entrance test by same Board of Education for same Department for the same session of Training of same duration. When all other JBT Trainees of other private colleges mentioned above have got benefit of regular job surety bond entitled for the trainees of session 2006-08, why JBT Trainees of Trisha college of Education are deprived of this benefit ? If you want to see the batch position , see the information received by us under RTI Act from HP  Elementary Education Department under UO No. EDN-II-(Ele)(4)-4-3/2007 (RTI) Shimla Dated: 21-03-09.It shows the truth that only and only JBT Trainees of Trisha College of Education Hamirpur (session 2006-08) have not been given regular job surety bond and their appointments will be done on contractual basis. So I want to know, is it justice with them ?


                                 Last appeal to you is to ensure the fulfillment of regular service surety bond in September 2009 as the JBT course of these students is almost complete now. I hope that you will co-operate and provide justice to these left trainees.Please help us



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