With regards, we want to request you that our Commerce Graduate B Ed degree holder JBTs working in various govt. primary schools of HP are deprived of the promotion to T.G.T. post. Recently, you have promoted approx. 490 J.B.T.s to the post of T.G.T. having graduation in Arts or Science subjects, but we were not promoted due to lack of necessary guidelines and lack of amendment in R&P Rules of the department. So, our degrees of Commerce Graduate and B Ed. are not proving valuable for us, however, the Dept. of Education is allowing the B Sc. degree holders to do M Com. and then it is making them lecturer in commerce. But we have read commerce not for two years like him but since 10+1 i.e. for 7 years till M Com. Why are we deprived of being lecturer of commerce by closing the gate of our promotion as TGT from present JBT post instead of doing B Ed. and having experience of many years in teaching at primary level. Beyond that, we have got trainings from SSA to teach subjects at elementary level. We have studied arts subjects till matric and then we have studied commerce enabling us to teach Maths. We have studied English till graduation. Hence, every Commerce Graduate B Ed degree holder JBT can teach English and Maths as TGT. We want to know why there is such a discrimination with commerce graduates ? Every graduate is a gradute if follows 10+2+3 pattern in Arts, Science or Commerce . They learn in each sphere. None is purely a graduate in specific subjects, but they also learn about other subjects too. So Commerce Graduate B Ed degree holder JBTs deserve the promotion to T.G.T. post. Ensure necessary amendments in this regard in R&P Rules during this session to give us immediate relief. We want justice.For last 5 years, we are meeting with Director of Elementary Education and other authorities. Now, we need justice now.


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