Listen to pathetic cry of Primary teachers in Himachal Pradesh

INJUSTICE                INJUSTICE                 STOP  IT                                 MAKE TEACHERS EQUAL

Honble. Chief Minister, Govt. of H.P. , Shimla. Subject: Discrepancy in the pay scale revision of J.B.T.s & H.T.s in Himachal Pradesh under 5th Pay Commission Implementatation. Sir, With regards , I want to state before you to be familiar with our objections regarding implementation of 5th Pay Commission on JBTs and HTs (approx. 30 thousand Primary Teachers ). The matter of complaint is not the increase of pay but the question is quite technical and logical . I want to present the case as below:- Revised Pay Scale in 1996 Revised Pay Scale in 2006 Multiple of revision JBT/HT Rs. 4550-7220 Rs. 5910 – 20200 1.29 C &V Rs. 5000-8100 Rs. 10300-34800 2.06 TGT Rs. 5480-8925 Rs. 10300-34800 1.87 Lecturer Rs. 6400-10640 Rs. 10300-34800 1.60 Please tell me, why JBTs and HTs have been given lowest hike in the notification issued by HP Finance Dept. on 26-08-09. It is shameful that instead of elementary education system and common job of teaching , different type of grade pays are added in different pay scales under a variable multiple. If multiple is minimum 1.86 , why the revised pay structure of JBTs and HTs has been settled with multiple of 1.29 . We need justice like other categories working under Dept. of Elementary Education. Our Revised pay scale should be given same to C & V /TGTs as Punjab 5th Pay Commission Report on Page 104 had shown that revised upgraded pay of JBTs /HTs should be 10300-34800 .We had welcomed it but it was not implemented . Hence, The complaint to CM of Punjab has also been forwarded. It is not your fault but you can modify this revised scale. At least , revised pay scale should be added in 9th Fitment Table as 4550 X 1.86 = 8460 -31020 instead of Rs. 5910-20200 according to the benefit given to other categories of teachers . Are we militants ? We are also the nation builders who have taught even you to hold the pen and write on paper. Today , that primary teacher is also not happy with the behavior done with primary teachers in this scale. You are the highest authority in the state. Where should we cry else ? If Punjab 5th Pay Commission has done work with major discrepancies, they should be removed by our state govt. See the fitment table no. 10 . You have given C & V s more benefits on each increment than that to TGTs as these benefits are applicable on Lecturers. As far as Elementary Education System is concerened, there cannot be such a huge difference in the Revised Pay scales of JBTs in comparison to TGTs and C & Vs. It is on you that you consider my demand or not . But remember my dear CM, Vijay Kumar Heer has never pleaded for wrong in past and same is this case . If you do this amendment , you will get the credit of justice which even you cannot deny after watching the logic. We need not hike in pay but change of revised pay scale as per the justified position mentioned . To avoid any agitation of teachers , please reply as immediate as possible.


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