Article by Vijay Kumar Heer

Elementray Education Code of Department  of Elementary Education in Himachal Pradesh is not available online. It should be made available online as 60000 teachers need its knowledge and they can use it for the betterment of the Department. As Education Code is not available online , it is a huge problem for the elementary teachers of Himachal Pradesh because most of the Government Primary Schools have no copy of latest Education Code. It creates problem as the verbal information about rules of Dept. of Elementary Education may not be accurate. It is worthy to note that Elemenatry Eduaction system in Himachal Pradesh is quite new as it has restarted its working after 24 years as the separation of Primary and Middle Education System in Himachal Pradesh had occurred. It is quite worthy to note that a draft of Elementary Eduaction Code has already been drafted by the Dept. of Elementary Education.  So change in previous laws, rules and regulations is obvious. But how can the teachers get its knowledge? There are 2 solutions of this problem:1. Provide at least 10700 copies of the elementary education code in Primary Schools. Second solution is that Right to Information makes it necessary to give the details of Elementary Education Code on internet. As the official website of Department of Elementary Education is under construction , I demand the online publishing of the Elementary Education Code . If it is done, the information needed can be downloaded from the official website of the Department of Elementary Education. So I demand a clear stand from state government in this matter. The knowledge of R & P Rules, various rules of leave, appointment and promotion, transfer and adjustment, financial rules and other mechanics of the Elementary Education Code should must be available online. Further, the details of decisions given by HP High Court should also be highlighted on the website of the Department . There should be at least a logo of the Department of elementary Education Department. All the schemes tended for  the welfare of students and teachers must be highlighted under RTI Act . As the teacher training courses as JBT/ETT  have no content of Education Code, Conduct Rues and other information about the dept. of Elementary Education, it is the burning issue that teachers must be given knowledge about rules and regulations of the Department of Elementary Education. They should be given pledge after joining the Dept. I hope that you will help us to complete the mission. If teachers do not get the knowledge of the Education Code , they can breach many rules of the Dept. without knowing that they are doing so . Let us make a start now.  


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