Subject:Regarding complaint of websites encouraging call girls supply in Himachal Pradesh.


                        It is really a matter of shame that Govt. of Himachal Pradesh  of has not banned the websites which are promoting immoral traffic and prostitution in so called “DEVBHOOMI”. I am really amazed to see that it is not a single website but many . I am sending you this data because it is a taint on the tourism and dignity of Himachal.Websites show that call girls are available in Shimla and cell numbers have also been given to hire them for any time at any rate.It taints our reputation as beingresidents of HP.This cyber crime is unending , but why these websites have not been banned?

Please see websites/weblinks mentioned here

(1) link to downloads/secret/p469712  with or www.subpassionT 34gtba and .To find it,one can have search on www.webdunia windik editor typing software download as search title on msn,yahoo and google search.It tells even the photos of young teens waiting to be picked at shimla.For booking,the contact numbers are also given.

(2)On personals shimla

(3)www.indiansexy.rare-escorts/com/content_php also provides same type of call girls service at Shimla or Manali.For customers,mobile number has also been given as 09810866041.


(5)delhiescorts call girls model 24 mobile number009818101056

(6) mobile number 09818136307

(7)www.independentfemales courts




(11) phone number 09899550643

Special offer for adults of age 24-34 years.

(12)http// &nl=en8btng=search

(13) mobile number 09870823668

(14) mobile number 09971725508

(15)  for best call girls in shimla you may contact Jack at the number 09873133337


(17)   for best call girls talk to Anjeli at the cell number 00-91-9810866041


For sexy girls in shimla call at the cell number 09971725508

(19) contactme_id10066561

(20) contact at mobile number 09971725508  

                                  Beyond this,there are at least 90 other websites to supply call girls to the needy tourists snd local youths.Use of internet for booking and supply of call girls has reached to a dangerous mark in HP.Why these websites have not been hacked and disfunctioned? Why none have caught these national and international suppliers of prostitutes or call girls? I want to alert the home ministry and police of HP to probe in this matter.young generation is working on internet for many hours.The web links to call girls have been various sites of softwares,education,holiday packages,hotelbooking in Shimla/Manali?Solan.I hope that you will act immediately and will probe in the matter and will also reply me immediately


           By reading the attached files, anyone can judge that call girl racket in HP is increasing on internet. As call girls booking is available online, anyone can hire them .I am sending you the details please which can be used to trace them.

..09654727768,, **Call Girls Chandigarh,shimla (Jhon +91-9781716350) Call Girls Services in manali (mr.jack +91-9780117717), ?? Call girls in shimla (Alliza (+91…

?? shimla Escorts (Alliza (+91-9781703585)) ??, Call Girls in Shimla (Mr.Vicky 09815654449) Call Girls Services in chandigarh,shimla (lucky +91-9592121188) Call-girls in Shimla +919711675057 Vivek, HIFI GIRLS IN SHIMLA ( MR.SAM +91-9779910904 ) TO BOOK SHIMLA ESCORT CALL NATASHA 09748769924, Call Girls in Shimla (Mr.Vicky 09815654449), Karishma 09007282664( ,Meghna Sharma 09971725508(

So please make an inquiry.Last time, in Feb 09, I had sent you this report ,but no reply came. PM Office had directed Secy of Home Minister(HP) to probe in the matter but the directions to check this flesh trade were given to SP Hamirpur. He submitted a report of nothing found in Distt. Hamirpur but I had demanded probe in all Districts of HP,especially in Kullu ,Solan and Shimla.But no inquiry was done there and results are before you. Please take immediate action to end the call girls racket in HP.See the attached 30 files for details and hyperlinks to the sites on internet making sure that flesh trade is here.


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