1. Vijay Kumar Heer joined the service as JBT Teacher in GPS Raili- Jajri , Block Bijhari, Distt. Hamirpur (HP) and published his first research on Dec 23,2002 naming GDAM- A New Methodology to teach the children with a new system of using place for co-curricular activities in grading manner .It was published by NCERT and it was so successful that it was used as a model for evaluation in whole Himachal Pradesh w.e.f year 2003-2010.The idea became a benison for measuring the all round development of the children in Himachal Pradesh.
2. Heer has published 4 other researches on Primary Education with success.
3. Heer had established the first Child Right Unit at Primary Level in India. He made this effort on 18-12-2003.It worked well with help of community.Its aim was to make ensure the protection of Human Rights and particularly Child Rights. The unit functioned for 6 years very well and a campaign against child labour, child abuse, social evils and malpractices, saving childhood by determination of Admission age, greening of textbooks and helping the poor children by providing them all necessary basic facilities for education and life at the personal expenditure . The effort was appreciated by DC Hamirpur Devesh Kumar in year 2005.
4. Heer organized summer camps by investing from his own pocket wef 13-16 August,03 and consecutively in year 2004, 2005,2006,2007,2008 and 2009.It was the first time that the children got a venture to various places of Himachal Pradesh as Kullu, Manali, Manikaran,Palampur, Kangra, Bilaspur, Mandi Hamirpur etc. Heer had celebrated Independence Day first time in backward Panchayat Raili- jajri. Beyond that, he organised these camps of excursion, games, dance, health checkup and drawing works.
5. Vijay Kumar Heer motivated the community to make a venture and just donate a computer. In April 2004, Heer introduced Computer education at Primary Level in GPS Raili – Jajri. It was the first Government Primary School in Himachal Pradesh who had done this job at its own level.
6. With a superb performance before DC Hamirpur , the students of Heer made a Drama ‘Abu Hasan and Shah Bano’ in year 2005 and DC Devesh offered a prize of Rs 15000 to the school and appreciated the diligence of Heer publically. Heer gained the funds and purchased more than 100 books, 25 educational CDs and cassettes and culture programme dresses alongwith costumes for drama. Hence, he established first multimedia lab too in government primary school sector of HP.
7. Heer made a telefilm ,Salakhon ke Peechhe’ on Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan in Himachal Pradesh by investing personally from his pocket.
8. Heer challenged the curriculum of 13 textbooks y showing that they are insulting the backward and sechdule castes etc. The matter was serious. National Commission for SC took serious action and Heer submitted his report to BR Rahi, the former Charirman of HP Board of School Education Dharamshala .From the office of PM, Prez of India, the actions brought result on the plea of Heer and the castiest refrences from the textbooks were removed. Its proofs are there in record of Mr. Heer. Anybody can see it.
9. Heer has reformed more than 39 books, textbooks and competition books by pointing out more than 7000 mistakes in these books. He got success. HP Board of School Education and ICDEOL Shimla recommended his reports. Private publishers also accepted his suggestions.He became a regular book reviewer, reformer, question paper obsever informally by a long campaign of reforming the textbooks in 7 years (2003-09).Many people know him for the books he pointed out for errors.
10. Heer had appealed first time to add human rights in textbooks in year 2004 and the suggestion was accepted in year 2005. All textbooks of HP Board made it real.
11. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam( ex President of India) had appreciated works of Vijay Kumar Heer and had sent congratulations letter to him.
12. Ata Bihari Vajpayee (ex PM Of India) appreciated poem written by Vijay kumar Heer in written letter.
13. Professor Prem Kumar Dhumal(CM of HP) had appreciated his works in year 2004
14. Heer had written 36 songs on Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan in year 2003.
15. Heer got the prize of Best Media Writer of Himachal Pradesh from Suresh Chandel (Ex MP) in year 2004 , given by Parwati Lekhanalaya Mandi (HP).
16. Heer collected money to give relief to Tsunami sufferers and sent it.
17. Heer pleaded to sesl a website defaming Tajmahal and national flag of India in year 2005. His appeal was sanctioned by President of India and the porn site using these symbols was sealed.
18. Heer demanded ban on use of mobile phones in schools.The demand was sanctioned latterly.
19. Heer demanded 15 minutes extra time in exams for reading question paper.It was sanctioned by HPBSE Dharmshala on CBSE pattern.
20. Heer raised a big issue in 8th july 2005 that a lesson of HPBSE textbooks was anti hindu.It was a lesson named THE STORY OF RAMA. On report of Vijay Kumar Heer, Prem Kumar Dhumal nd ID Dhiman raised the matter in Vidhansabha and the lesson was finally rmovd showing that Heer was right.
21. Heer gave contribution in banning the Hindu God costumes in Goa.
22. Heer made a firm protest against the drama ‘Hirnyakashyap Murder Case’in HP and in the meeting of All India Secondary Teachers Federation and Akhil Bharatiy Rashtreey Shaikshik Mahasangh.The matter was sent to centre govt and the matter was solved.
23. Heer urged to add disaster management in curriculum of elementary books, it was also done.
24. Heer got best reporting state level award 3 times from Himachal Kesari weekly.
25. Heer fought for the rights of Mid Day Meal workers. He sent the matter to PM of India and President of India.The honorarium of these workers was raised from Rs 200 to Rs 300-400 per month after it.Now it has increased again.
26. Heer wrote the dialogues for a German Telefilm on the life Bruno Groning.
27. Heer was the first Primary Teacher in Northern India t get training f TCI from various experts of seven countries of world. During 12-14 February, 2006,he participated in this international conference at Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam ,Keral (India).
28. Heer translated an Italian book’The School of Barbiana’ under Read and Reflect series of Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan Himachal Prdaesh, a model for teachers to teach with the methodology they need.It got higher appreciation from teachers.
29. Heer became the secretary of Branch of Indian Adult Education Association Himachal Pradesh.
30. Heer honoured more than 100 talented children of govt. sector on his personal efforts and expenditure.
31. Heer became very famous when he raised the matter that HPBSE textbooks were publishing wrong maps of India, wrong national flag with 4 to 29 spokes,wrong distances of planets, existence of Pluto instead of its eradication ,gender discrimination in textbooks etc. The matter was taken also t HP High Court as PIL was filed by Heer. Heer won the case and the errors were removed.
32. Heer established first Bio Diversity Fund in GPS Raili-Jajri (HP)
33. Heer protested against the proposed cutting of 1671 trees under Highway Construction in HP. The matter was solved when PM Office sent the directions on report of Vijay Kumar Heer.
34. Heer wrote letters with his own blood to Virbhadra Singh (Ex CM of HP) for regularization of Vidya Upasks in HP. He fought it for 2 years resulting success by regularization in 7 years instead of made policy change to regularize them after 8 years.The case of delay in regularization has been solved by HP High Court , for which Heer and Satish Mehra had filed case .
35. Heer protested attacks on Hindus in Kazakistan and Prez APJ Abdul Kalam referred his appeal to Almati Ambasador. The matter was solved.
36. Heer fought against the closing of 327 EGS centres and appealed for re-employment of EGS teachers under SSA. The request was accepted by the government.
37. Heer fought for the non killing of monkeys in Nauradhar (Sirmour) and the matter was greatly highlighted.The killing of monkeys was stopped as it was really no solution of this problem.
38. Heer wrote many chapters and material in textbooks of HPBSE Dharamshala ‘Yog and Culture of HP’(Class 6th , 7th, 8th ),Aadhar Plus Programme books under SSA and got appreciation by the committee members.
39. Heer has made himself many teaching Learning materials .He was appointed by SSA to show his exhibition at state level in 4 years consecutively at Dharamshala,Kullu,Hamirpur and Arki (Solan). Education Minister ID Dhiman praised his works in Kullu during speech ( Nov 2009).
40. Heer exposed the matter of flesh trade through internet in HP.
41. Vijay Heer fought for the benefits of Primary Assistant Teachers, GVUs, Para Teachers and Contract Primary Teachers.Many positive results came after struggle.He made Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch too.Heer fought also for the bond of JBTs of Trisha College of edu Thai Rangas (HMR) HP
42. Heer palyed most significant role in providing jobs to JBT Trainees of DIET Bilaspur in 2009 when government had not appointed them due to lack of posts due to PTR in Bilaspur (HP)
43. Heer has been master trainer of TGTs/LTs/JBTs at Distt and State Level under SSA.
44. Heer highlighted the matter of defamation of Mahatma Gandhi on many websites.On his plea,Prez of India sent the matter toSecretary Govt of India. He inquired in the matter and asked DG of Telecommunications to remove these contents from websites.
45. The defamation of Sonia gandh o internet was also exposed by Heer.
46. Heer has attended more than 100 seminars on education.
47. Heer was offered to become Education Ambassador by MS Association of America.He denied as he wants to serve in Himachal Pradesh (India).
48. Heer has got appreciation as good teacher by many newspapers too.
49. Heer has done mny social works as donating money in wedding of poor girls ,helping poor and snubbed people etc.
50. Heer has got suucess on 25 matters from PM Office and President Of India Office.He has worked honestly.It is his worth. That is why he is under a debt of Rupees two and half lacs and minimum GPF. But he does not take it io heart.
Websites of heer


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