Appoint JBTs of Private Colleges Dear CM of HP

Honble. Chief Minister,
Govt. of Himachal Pradesh,
Subject: To start the appointment process of JBTs immediately.
With regards, I want to put the matter of unemployed JBTs who have successfully completed the training 5 months ago and have not been appointed in any institution yet albeit the trainees have done the course from recognized colleges consented for the purpose by Honble. High Court ,Himachal Pradesh. As the recruitment policy of the trainees was amended , JBTs were given training by Government not only in D.I.E.Ts but also in 4 colleges i.e. Karishma Educational Centre, Dadaur ( Mandi), Indian institute of Education ,Ghanahatti ( Shimla) , Abhilash Educational Society Ner Chowk ( Mandi) and Dwarka Das Memorial Sai Institute of educational Training Kallar, Nadaun ( Hamirpur) . As these candidates have been assured about regular basis appointment according to the bond filled by GOVERNOR OF Himachal Pradesh on the behalf of HP Govt. with the trainees of cost Rupees 50000 ( Fifty Thousand) as per the standard of assurance to give appointment orders within six months which has been notified by the Department of Elementary Education under letter no. EDN- HP( Ele) (4)-4-2/2006(Adms) 17489 Dated : 29-09-2007. As the Regular Job Surety Bond has been filled, I request you to make the department active in obeying the time period stated in the bond Clause no . 3 stating as below:-
“The Director of Elementary Education shall within six months of the receipt of the intimation issue appointment order and dispatch the same at the address furnished in clause 2 under Registered Cover.”
As the result of JBT was announced by HPBSE Dharamshala on 22-07-2009, its period of appointment according to the bond condition will expire on 22-01-2010.It may extend maximum upto 31st January , 2010 if postal delay in arrival of result intimation to Department of Elementary Education would have occurred.

So the process of their appointments must be initiated now as it will take one month according to the situation. Please order the Principal Secretary of Elementary Education to take necessary action in this regard to save the honor of legal bond and prestige of the Government signed bond. I hope that you will listen to the cry of unemployed JBTs .They need New Year Gift of Job from you. Please make sure that it is done as 194 JBTs are looking to you with many eyes of their family members. Please make it sir. Delay in justice is injustice. Please listen to us.
Thanking you,

Date: 27-12-09 Yours sincerely,
Vijay Kumar Heer, State President
Himachal Shiksak Kranti Manch
Vill Chakmoh, PO Nain, Tehsil Barsar,
Distt. Hamirpur ( Himachal Pradesh)
E- mail :


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