Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan Himachal Pradesh lead my success story

Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA)
Format of the Success Stories / Best Practices under Media – Communuication Activity
1. Name of the school/ AIE Centre /EGS:
PIN 176039 e-mail:
2. Scenario before media activity undertaken:
The institutional setup of G.P.S. Loharli had some lacks as the students were deprived of the basic infrastructure needed according to the needs of modern classroom and educational activities as fancy dress competition, co- curricular activities etc were not getting momentum. The level of students’ participation in such activities was not upto the mark of quality. Hence, myself Vijay Kumar Heer realized these problems when I joined in G.P.S. Loharli after being transferred from my last school G.P.S. Loharli in January 2009. The cleaniness of students, uniform wearing regularity etc. were also not in momentum .
3.Media strategies utilized and its process:
To improve the classroom teaching, I inspired Shri Padamnabh Sharma C.H.T. to help the school by donating a computer, printer, tables for classrooms and desks for class 1st and 2nd as other classes had already desks. He himself donated these items on his retirement on 31-08-2010 publically. The news was highlighted in media too for motivating the retired C.H.T. As computer was donated, I made many formats of daks often made by teachers which create hindrance in classroom teaching. Secondly, I made biggest digital and multimedia library of e books and educational CDs and softwares in Himachal Pradesh at Primary Level ( As I claim and can prove).Then , basics of computer were introduced by me and theory of computer was also introduced by writing it in hindi and children wrote it in their copies. The practice session of computer is running nowadays. Fancy dress competition, best handwriting competition, drawing competition, Drama , Sanitation Campaign, Group Song and Group Dance etc. are the activities which I commenced here per month and got positive results. The official work of the centre has been computerized by me and teachers are now tension free about clerical work. They teach in classroom full day and outcome of students has improved. Educational CDs on all subjects have made a good impact on the knowledge of the students. I used my own laptop in the first floor based classrooms of class 3rd, 4th, 5th and for class 1st and 2nd, I used Desktop donated by C.H.T. in the ground floor based classrooms. Being incharge of SSA in the school, I hired a painter and prepared two classrooms for class 1st and 2nd showing maximum content of textbooks on the walls.

3. Impact of the media strategies: As often the local people who always had a cry that they will shift the children to private schools has muted itself after the work. Classroom efficiency of teachers has increased and community has increased its co- operation. Students have now good level of self – confidence and exposure. They are getting extrovert in nature.The classroom environment has become interesting due to the use of Computer , especially through CDs shown to them. The attendance and stagnation rate has improved.

4. Improvement in enrolment / retention and overall education level of the children in the surrounding area and awareness of the community( Not to be limited to such cases only)

It has shown the result that many children who were recognized at nothing level in Aadhar Programme have now improved in scholastic and co – scholastic achievement. Many students want to learn more about computer. No student has taken S.L.C. after commencement of the programme. Enrolment has also increased but not much in number because many parents admit their child in the beginning of session than in mid of the session. Albeit, it will attract people as we are introducing computer education camp for students in March 2010 which will give them full time education and practice of computer. Separate periods for computer have done good job. As local panchayat pradhan Suresh Chaudhary has done co-operation, two rooms and a boundary wall has been sanctioned for our school recently albeit we have already 5 classrooms and a room for office but these rooms will be used as computer lab and T.L.M. room. The library will be shifted in this room for ideal atmosphere of studying books.

5. Some photographs with options :
49 (Forty-nine) photos are attached with this document .Please see after the text portion.

6. Lessons of these activities:
1. Provide computer in every primary school and give a kit of useful educational CDs to the teachers .
2. Provide the basic formats of frequently required dak works and record maintenance of the schools.
3. Allow one period to each class for computer education.
4. Provide desks to primary schools.
5. Organize the various curricular and co- curricular activities in school per month.
6. Motivate teachers to arrange what they can and motivate the community members to fulfill the needs of school.
7. Like BALA feature, one grant of SSA should be fully utilized to paint the walls of classrooms according to the textbooks syllabus.


Figure 3: Name of Animals

Figure 4: Name of Vegetables Figure 5: Name of Domestic Animals

Figure 6: Tables from 6 to 10

Figure 7: Name of Flowers Figure 8: Name of Fruits

Figure 9: Counting and Hindi Alphabets

Figure 10: Name of Birds Figure 11: Means of Communication

Figure 12: Hindi vowels and Parts of Body

Figure 13: seen of classroom wall in GPS Loharli

Figure 14: counting and English Alphabets

Figure 15: Name of colours and days of a week Figure 16: Means of transport and Name of Animals

Figure 17:Tables from 1 to 5 and classroom objects

Figure 18: G.P.S. Loharli after painting work

Figure 19TLMs Figure 20 Innovative Grammar

Figure 21: Pinewood made TLMs

Figure 22: TLM by use of pine fruit

Figure 23: Pinewood cover made alphabets by heer

Figure 24: A tortoise related craft by Heer

Figure 25: Students learning computer in GPS Loharli Figure 26: 2nd Class students watching a CD on EVS in GPS Loharli

Figure 27:TLMs developed by Vijay Kumar Heer

Figure 28: Computer and Printer donated by PN Sharma Figure 29: First class students of GPS Loharli

Figure 30:Tables 6 to 10 and name of Birds

Figure 31: 2nd class sits here

Figure 32: Name of Trees and Objects of Classroom,Months in a year

Figure 33: Things at Home Figure 34: Months of a year

Figure 35: Student telling about TLMs Figure 36: Group dance activity by students of GPS Loharli

Figure 357: Students of class 4th making square by copies in my classroom Figure 38: Fancy Dress Competition in my class

Figure 39: Fancy Dress Competition in GPS Loharli Figure 40:how boys looked in fancy dress

Figure 41: How girls looked here in Fancy dress Figure 42: Waiting for the result of fancy dress competition

Figure 43: Students looking towards laptop when writing Figure 44 :Students participating in sanitation campaign with others

Figure 45: Awareness in community by campaign Figure 46:Innovative Aphabets

Figure 47:TLMs by Vijay Heer with students

Figure 48:Bamboo made alphabets by vijay Heer

Figure 49: Students helping in making TLM


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