The need of English medium is becoming a choice of many students and their parents in Himachal Pradesh. It is a fact that mother tongue hindi is over and above all other instructional mediums, but the craze for international language English has also become significant in modern society. As children belonging to poor community are often deprived of Primary ( Elementary) Education in English medium due to lack of financial assistance , they feel it bad. Instead of the poor class, most of the parents of students belonging to middle and elite class prefer those private schools which offer English medium as the medium of instruction at Primary Level. However, Himachal Pradesh Govt. has introduced English as a subject from 1st class in the state, the decreasing enrolment is a burning issue. Hence, an experiment has been started in Distt. Hamirpur where majority of the parents were sending their children to Private Schools only for English Medium based instruction for their children. They prefer it as science & maths subject are taught in English medium at senior secondary level. Hence, the programme has been planned to attract them towards government primary schools by starting English medium based instruction in them.
Goals of the Programme
1. To increase enrolment in government primary schools.
2. To enhance the retention in government primary schools.
3. To enhance level of quality education in government primary schools.

Inputs for the English Medium Based Instruction Prog.

1. Training for teaching in English medium was given to 49 teachers from September 26 to October 02, 2008 at Hamirpur (HP). T.T.I. (D.I.E.T. Hmr.) Devraj Dhiman , Deshraj Pathania and Vijay Kumar Heer etc. made their best contribution as Resource Person in the training programme.
2. The teachers were motivated to teach in English medium with help of books of HPBSE Dharamshala (HP).
3. Various science activities were demonstrated and teachers were enriched with new methodologies.
4. Various CDs on Education were demonstrated. The playway method was adopted. Community interaction enhancement was optimized and its significance was revealed. Various CDs and cassettes were provided to the teachers in the training programme.
5. As per the demand of teachers, nursery classes were started in 13 schools –GPS Samirpur, GPS Dhamrol, GPS Karha, GPS Bhagetu, GPS Mundakhar, GPS Dera, GPS Dera Parol, GPS Ukhali, GPS Battrin, GPS Tauni Devi, GPS Jhatwar, GPS Chhiroin and GPS Kasiri Mahadev. The enrolment increased upto 104 students due to the initiative.
6. A Baseline Test was formed and its implementation was planned.
Baseline Test in English Medium Schools
1. In Hindi subject , 0.23% students of class I , 6.94% students of class II, 11.11% students of classIII rd, 64.10 % students of class IVth, 70.73% students of class Vth were in Advance story level. At story level, 18.12% students of class IInd, 28.12 % students of classIIIrd, 15.38% students of class IVth, 14.63 % students of class Vth were found. At para level, 7.83% students of class I, 31.41% students of class IInd, 25.69% students of class IIIrd were found achieveing this level. At the beginner level i.e. word level, 35.71% students of class I, 21.75% students of class IInd, 20.83 % students of class IIIrd and 4.87% students of class Vth were found in the study. At the centre level, 38.47% students of class 1st,17.22% students of class IInd, 10.76% students of class IIIrd, and 7.69% students of class IVth were identitified in the test. At nothing level, 17.74% students of class 1st, 7.55% students of classIInd, 3.47% students of class IIIrd, 12.82% students of class IVth and 9.75% students of class Vth were found.



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