Honble. Education Minister, Govt. of H.P., Shimla.
Subject: Regarding training and salary enhancement of Primary Assistant Teachers in HP
With regards, I want to appeal you to pay heed for providing the training to Primary Assistant Teachers in Himachal Pradesh as under Right to Education Bill implemented in the state w.e.f. 01-04-2010, the teachers working at Primary/Elementary level must be trained. So I appeal you to implement the provision of the act and initiate the teachers training for Primary Assistant Teachers in HP like that started for the Gramin Vidya Upasaks from this session.
Secondly, I want to ask a question that Primary Assistant Teachaers are getting the salary of Rupees 4500 (so called untrained PATs or PATs having less than 5 years of service) and Rupees 6000( so called Trained PATs/ PATs having more than 5 years of service). My objection is very simple that the desirable qualification for the post of the JBT/Primary Teachers is 10+2 and all candidates possessing this qualification are eligible for the equal salary on the equal post for equal work. All Primary Assistant Teachers are working at same level, with same responsibilities in the same department of the same state. Then how can they be given different salary ?Please note that if this disparity continues,the question will arise that if Primary Assistant Teachers can be given higher salary due to higher qualification, why JBTs/GVUs/Contract Primary Teachers etc. should not be given higher salary on the basis of their higher qualification than 10+2. And remember, it can raise many objections. Please end this disparity and issue the orders to give equalsalary to all PATs @Rs. 6000/month and by policy equal to GVUs salary Rs.8910 per month.
Thirdly, I want to know why the policy of Gramin Vidya Upasaks was merged by the last govt. with that of Primary Assistant Teachers in year 2005 and then it was separated by the present govt. last year? The decision of differentiation may be the written policy of GVUs but I want to know that contract with Panchayat is applicable to both GVUs and PATs. And when both employees have no contract with the Dept. of Elementary Education, how can we make separate provisions for them? When we have initiated the teachers training for the first category of GVUs working under panchayats, why PATs should also not be trained? It is a taint that we have untrained teachers. When it is clear that we will have to implement the teachers training programme for both categories, why they should not be trained? Its cost will also not be large.What will the Primary Assistant Teachers do in holidays? We are wasting their time of 45 days and if we order their training, it will be beneficial for the children studying in their classes. We should allow them to be trained. After 8 years of service, when a laborer is regularized by you, why the teachers should not be regularized? I hope that you will act and order the Department to make a policy of regularization for Primary Assistant Teachers .Please reply me and act appropriately please.
Date:27-06-2010 Yours sincerely,
Vijay Kumar Heer, State President,HSKM,Vill. Chakmoh, PO Nain
Tehsil Barsar, Distt. Hamirpur (HP) 176039 Fax:01972286402


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