Honble. Prime Minister,
PM Office, Govt. of India, Delhi.
Subject: To restart the search for natural gas and oil at Vihal (Hamirpur),Himachal Pradesh.
Honble. Sir,
India is facing the great challenge of decreasing natural resources. Oil is the main resource in this regard because oil and natural gas department has been consumed at a very fast rate during the last two decades in India. So we must understand that this is invaluable resource and must not be ignored if available in India. For your kind attention, there is a resource of natural gas and oil at Vihal (Chakmoh),Distt . Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh) and it must be explored for utilization. It was revealed two decades ago when O.N.G.C. had tried to use this resource by drilling into earth at Vihal. Unfortunately, a solid rock prevented the output and the oil could not be explored due to the barricade of a solid non-penetratable rock. But at that time, drilling and boring techniques were not fully developed like the modern techniques. Top 5 drilling machines of the world has the enough power to break such rocks and drill to the wells of oil. So if the work is done with help of such modern technologies, it will bring the best results because same oil resources are available near Ukhali (Hamirpur) and Jwalaji (Kangra) in Himachal Pradesh. I appeal you to get the suggestions from the experts in this matter and order the ministry of natural resources to hold a new survey again to find the position of the resources. Then, ONGC/GAIL etc. must be asked to restart the work as experiment here. The foreign oil companies may also be asked by global tender or attention notice. If anybody takes interest, it will increase the chances of obtaining the oil and natural gas here. Please make sure that such step is initiated under your kind guidance and forwarding of my plea. If natural gas and oil is available, why are we facing its lack and high price ? We must dare for costly experiments too like Arabian countries. Please reply me about your action .
Thanking you,
Date: 16-12-2010 Yours sincerely,
Vijay Kumar Heer, Social Worker
Vill. Chakmoh , PO Nain , Tehsil Barsar,
Distt. Hamirpur (H.P.) 176039
Email: heervj@gmail.com Fax: 01972286402


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