Amend the policy of permission to higher education for primary teachers in Himachal Pradesh

Honorable Chief Minister
Govt. of H.P., Shimla.
Subject: To amend the policy of permission to higher education for primary teachers
With regards, I want to request you that the primary teachers of Himachal Pradesh are bond to get the permission to obtain the higher qualification under the rules mentioned in the letter mentioned hereafter the petition. Please ensure the following amendments in the rules as below:-
1. The quota for granting permission for B.Ed./M.Ed./M. Phil. and Ph.D. should be raised from 1 to 5 % in respect to total number of JBT+HT+CHT (primary) teachers please because these are four different professional courses and number of graduate primary teachers is increasing rapidly. In last 8 years, there has been a great increase in the number of Graduate and Post Graduate teachers in HP Elementary education Department. Secondly, these are four different courses and the share of quota may be granted as 2.5% for B.Ed., 1.5% for M.Ed., 0.5% for M. Phil and 0.5% for Ph. D.
2. Provision for ex-facto permission must be made as some teachers do not get the permission in time due to lack of quota, delay in dispatch of the application to concerned DDEO office, lack of advertisement before 30th April every year. The degree/diploma done by the teacher without affecting the work of school may be considered valid for ex-facto permission and if the promotion of the teacher is due by that course i.e. B.Ed. etc., it may be considered valid for the said promotion with ex-facto/special permission please.
3. For B.Ed./M.Ed./M. Phil. and Ph.D., the last date for receipt of the application for permission must be at least 30th September every year as the advertisement for said courses anon come by September every year for different universities.
4. The powers to allot permission may be allotted to the concerned B.E.E.O. as the work burden will be reduce on the DDEO Offices and it will be easy for teachers to get the permission with micro observation of the required formalities and documents for the said purpose at Block level. Please amend the old rules please.
Please see the old rules of the department as below:
No. EDN-H(PRY.)(II)B(6) 4-8/99- H.E.
All Deputy Directors of Primary Education , Himachal Pradesh.
Subject: Permission to obtain higher education.
It has been observed that the cases regarding permission for acquiring higher education and undergoing various professional trainings, are being forwarded to this Directorate without giving due considerations to the instructions issued in this regard from time to time. Therefore, in order to regulate the grant of permission for acquiring higher education , it has been decided that henceforth, the necessary permission to the teachers serving in Govt. Primary Schools, desirous of attaining higher qualification i.e. +2/ B.A./ M.A./ B.Ed./ M.Ed./ M.Phil ./Ph.D. etc. may be granted by the appointing authority i.e. Deputy Director of Primary Education of the respective District on the following conditions and criteria :-
1.(a)The candidate should have rendered at least three years continuous satisfactory service.
(b) Results of the class(es) taught for the last two years should be satisfactory and not below than 80%.
2. Permission will be accorded in accordance with the following criteria:-
I. (a) Maximum of the 20%teachers on the establishment of Primary Schools in the Block will be permitted to take examination at a time in respect of non- professional courses such as 10+2/B.A./M.A.
(b) The permission to the teachers appearing privately through the correspondence in the professional courses such as B.Ed./ M.Ed./ M. Phil./ Ph.D. shall be restricted to 1% of the total strength of the teachers (J.B.T.s/H.T.s/C.H.T.s) in the District.
II. Only one teacher will be permitted up to the strength of three teachers in the school.
III. No substitute teacher will be provided in any case.
IV. The B.P.E.O./C.H.T. concerned will be responsible to ensure the execution of work in absencof applicant in the school.
V. The order of preference to give permission will be on the basis of seniority in the J.B.T. cadre.
VI. The candidate will have to take leave other than casual leave for the examination days/ period of personal contact programme and the period of leave sanctioned shall not in any case exceed one month.
3. Permission to appear in the examination cannot be claimed as matter of right. No study leave shall be granted rather such case be referred to this Directorate.
4. The condition of three years continuous service in the Education Department may be relaxed in the following cases:-
I. Where the applicant is Matric J.B.T/ Matric Vidya Upasak/ Matric Volunteer Teacher/ Teacher of any other category and is desirous of appearing in 10+2 , which has become a pre-requisite qualification for the appointment as J.B.T. teacher in Primary Schools as per N.C.T.E. guidelines as well as R & P Rules for J.B.T. Teachers.
II. Where the applicant has already submitted the admission form to the University prior to joining service in the Department (+2 examination will not be considered as B.A. Part-I examination for the purpose of this rule).
5. The applicant who failed to avail the permission accorded in one year should not be considered in the subsequent year.
6. The permission so given will be claimed as a matter of right for promotion after acquiring higher qualification.
7. The case of dispute for any special claim add the cases not covered under the above directions and otherwise considered genuine and justified may be referred to this Direcorate. The decision of the Head of the Department ( Director of Primary Education) in the matter of this dispute shall be final.
8.The candidates desirous of improving their qualifications shall have to ensure that their applications must reach the office of Deputy Director , Primary Education on or before 30th April every year through C.H.T./B.P.E.O. concerned for countersignature by the B.P.E.O. or the D.D.E.O. (Pry. Edu.) unless the prior permission to acquire higher qualification is obtained from competent authority.
9. Besides above, the Deputy Director of Primary Education should ensure the maintenance of the proper register in the respect of permission granted by him/her to the teachers of the District.
You are , therefore, directed to accord the necessary permission for acquiring higher qualifications such as 10+2 / B.A./ M.A./ B.Ed./ M.Ed./ M.Phil ./Ph.D. etc and to undergo B. Ed., M.Ed., Training etc. after observing all the codal formalities and subject to fulfillment of the requisite terms and conditions and criteria prescribed above.
Any departure from the above instructions will be viewed seriously and the Deputy Director shall be held personal responsible for lapse in this regard.
These instructions will come into force with immediate effect from the date of issue.
Please amend the said letter mentioned rules to the mentioned extent for convenience of the teachers please. I hope that you will act appropriately in the welfare of the teachers who want to have higher studies for betterment of the state.
Thanking with regards,
Date: 23-01-2011 Yours sincerely,
Vijay Kumar Heer , State President HSKM
C/o Gupta Book Depot , VPO Chakmoh,
Tehsil-Barsar , Distt. Hamirpur(HP) 176039
Email –


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