Honorable Minister of MHRD,

                          New Delhi (India).

Subject: Clarification note needed regarding RTE Act based TET and RTE based R&P Rules

Honorable Sir,

                                         With regards, I want to attract your kind attention in the matter of RTE act based TET(teacher eligibility test) and R&P Rules after implementation of the said act.

                                         In Himachal Pradesh, there are more than two thousand Junior Basic Teachers who have done their JBT training in the batch session 2008-10, but they are deprived of the jobs due to the interpretation of RTE act in the manner that TET is to be conducted on them now albeit they have already been selected through state level JBT entrance test . The test was conducted three times due to court disputes and hence, the selected candidates are meritious.They have done JBT coursed in DIETs for two years as per NCTE norms and when the time of appointment came, it has been said that RTE act is direct hindrance in their appointments. When RTE act was implemented in the state, these candidates were doing the JBT course which makes any candidate eligible for direct appointment as JBT. As the RTE act was implemented after the selection of these candidates, why TET is being conducted which has delayed their appointments since last year. It is really illogical that the trained JBTs have been harassed on the name of TET although they have been selected through common entrance test with the same syllabus of TET. The entrance tests conducted for recruitment of the teachers before implementation of the JBTs  cannot be discarded as they were also NCTE/SCTE /NCERT/other recruitment boards based standards and the recruited/appointed teachers cannot be asked to give TET again. I demand clarification from you in written as this is a serious matter which will decide the future of trained JBTs in HP.

                           Second clarity is needed regarding the promotion rules after implementation of the RTE act. JBT to TGT and TGT to Lecturer promotions are also being stopped on the name of RTE as the serving teachers are being asked to complete the condition of 50% marks in graduation/post graduation examination. Due to this step, many JBTs are deprived of being promoted to TGT. Is RTE act 2009 is allowing to affect all the previous R&P rules, relaxations in qualification etc. ?It will be injustice with the teachers on the verge of retirement to force them to do graduation with 50% marks again in this age if promotion is needed. As I suggest, the RTE act based provisions must be applied on the teachers appointed after implementation of the act. If all entrance tests conducted in past are useless after RTE act, why such act is mandatory to be followed which has no wisdom about revering the past education system. Please apply fresh rules on fresh candidates/teachers and not upon the persons selected through other procedures in past when there was no marks limit to be a teacher. RTE act cannot do injustice with them. Please provide clarification to save our future.

                                Thanking with regards,

Date:12-05-2012                                                 Yours sincerely: Vijay Kumar Heer

                                                               State President ,Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch

                                                                                VPO Chakmoh, Tehsil Barsar,

                                                                               Distt. Hamirpur (HP) 176039


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