Honorable Chief Minsiter,

                  Govt. of H.P., Shimla.

Subject: To appoint JBTs(2008-10) without TET on the basis of appointments order by Govt. of Kerala


                    With regards, myself want to appeal you to take some positive action regarding the appointment of JBT teachers (2008-10) without Teacher Eligibility Test(T.E.T.) on the pattern of Govt. of Kerala. It has issued clear directions to appoint the teachers in the state without T.E.T. on temporary basis till the appointments are done in that state in session 2012-13.


No: 31904/J2/12/G.Edn                                                                    General Education (J) Department

                                                                                                                                                Thiruvananthapuram.    Dated: 06.06.2012


Sub:-   General Education – Package – Staff Fixation during -2012-13-clarification – reg.

Ref:-    (1) G.O.(P) No.l99/ll/G.Edn dated 01.10.11

As per the Government Order referred above it was
ordered that the staff fixation in each school during 2010-11 academic
year would be applicable to 2011-12 also. However vacancies that arose
due to death, resignation, promotion and retirement during 2010-11 were
allowed to be filled up. During the academic year 2012-13″ staff fixation
in each school will be decided based on the strength of students which is
to be determined by the process of UID. The process of UID enrolment
of students in each school is going on and it will take some more time to
complete this process.                                                                                                   :

(2)                    In the circumstances it is clarified that the staff fixation for 2010-11 will be made applicable to 2012-13 also till the process of .UID. enrolment is completed in each school. The staff fixation will be revised in each school as soon as UID based strength is available.

It is also clarified that the managers, are permitted to fill up the vacancies arising during 2012-13 due to retirement, promotion, death and resignation on regular basis if the TET qualified teachers, are available for appointment as TET is a mandatory qualification for the post of teacher as per RTE Act. Teachers who have qualified CTET, NET, SET and who have M.Phil or Phd in the respective subject are exempted from acquiring TET. If the TET qualified hartds are not available for appointment, the manager can appoint teachers without TET qualification on daily wages till the TET qualified teachers are available for permanent appointment.


Secretary to Government

The Director of Public Instructions, Thiruvananthapuram All the Deputy Directors of Education All the-District Educational Officers –

through the DPI

All the Assistant Educational Officers
The Executive Director IT @ School, Thiruvananthapuram.
All Sections / Officers in the General Education Department
Stock File/Office Copy

As the state governments of India(excepting J&K) have similar powers to appoint the teachers, the law used by Govt. of Kerala is enough to indicate that the same pattern of appointments may be initiated by the state govt. of H..P. The article 255 of Indian Constitution allows the State Governor to initiate such appointments process and state cabinet has the power to make such laws of appointments. The Govt. of Kerala has used them. Please note that the decision of Govt. of Kerala has not been challenged by MHRD and NCTE. There cannot be two laws for states in India. Hence, temporary appointments may be done in case of JBT(Batch 2008-10) unemployeds.


                                 Please note that the conditional appointments may be done of these JBTs who are unemployed for last 18 months due to lack of clear policy by NCTE and MHRD. Please order the temporary appointments of JBTs with the condition that they will qualify TET within three years of temporary appointment. The candidates who have passed CTET/M.Phil/Ph.D./N.E.T./S.E.T. may also be exempted from T.E.T. like that done by Govt. of Kerala. As Kerala is also a leading state in education in India, Govt. of H.P. can follow its pattern as it is equivalent to the standard of education and literacy in H.P.

                              The code of conduct may vanish the hopes of appointment of JBTs and hence, it is the simple way to solve this issue. Please take the matter very seriously.It is the cry of 2600 families and you must heed it now.

                                 Thanking with regards,

Date:16-07-2012             Yours sincerely,

Vijay Kumar Heer , State President of

Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch

               V.P.O. CHAKMOH, TEHSIL BARSAR(HAMIRPUR)HP        

                           176039  FAX NUMBER: 01972286402


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