Inspection of Schools


7.1       Inspection of Elementary schools


1)  The Director of Elementary Education shall be responsible for the supervision and inspection of all schools in the State.

2)  For the purpose of sub-rule (1), the Director may assign all or any of the functions relating to the supervision and inspection to such officer subordinate to him, and as may be authorized by him in this behalf.

3)  Every officer, authorized by the Director of Elementary Education under sub- rule (2), shall discharge his/her duties of supervision and inspection under the direction, control and supervision of the Director of Elementary Education.

4)  The Director of Elementary Education may also form a team/panel of persons with special knowledge and experience of different subjects taught in schools to carry out inspections of the schools.

5)  The Director of Elementary Education may also carry out surprise inspections through any officer authorized by him in this behalf.

6)  The president of the panchayat and members of the concerned ward will inspect  the  Elementary  schools  in  their respective  jurisdiction  so  that  the presence of teachers and non-teaching staff in the school could be ensured. It has been made obligatory to keep an inspection book in each school in which the presidents and members of the panchayats can record their observations. The presidents and the members will also send their observations to Dy- Directors  Elementary  Education.  These  observations  will  also  be  placed before the Education Committee of the panchayat. The Dy-Directors Elementary Education will offer their views on these observations within one month.

7)  Every inspecting officer, other than the Director of Elementary Education, inspecting  a  school  shall,within  15  days  from  the  completion  of  the inspection, submit a report to the next higher authority with a copy to the concerned school and the Director of Elementary Education for such further necessary action and compliance, as might be deemed fit in the matter.

8)  When the Director of Elementary Education himself makes the inspection, he shall send a copy of the inspection note to the Head of the concerned school with a copy to the Deputy Director Elementary Education of the concerned district for necessary action and compliance.


7.2       Annual surprise inspection/targets

The annual calendar and targets for annual inspection and surprise inspection of the subordinate offices and government Elementary schools drawn up by the Directorate of Elementary Education are at Annexure I (a, b, c & d).


The annual inspection of office of the Dy-Directors Elementary Education will be conducted by the officers of the Directorate as per dates mentioned against each district in the calendar at Annexure-II.


All the Dy-Directors Elementary Education in Himachal Pradesh and District Education Officer, Lahaul at Keylong, Himachal Pradesh should therefore, remain present in the office and also to keep the Inspection Proforma duly completed in all respects on the day of inspection. Proforma for inspection of government Elementary schools is at Annexure-III.


The  Dy-Directors  Elementary  Education  and  Block  Elementary  Education Officers will also draw up annual inspection calendar as per inspection target fixed in Annexure-I.


7.3       Advance notice of inspection to be given to schools


Except in the case of surprise visits, intimation of the proposal to carry out the inspection of a school shall be given preferably, one month in advance to the head of the school.


1)  Every inspection shall be as objective as possible and shall be aimed at bringing out an improvement in the standards of teaching in the school.

2)  While  making  the  inspection,  the  following  items  should  be  critically examined, viz.


1          Academic work, i.e. actual teaching and its different aspects including teacher diary.

2           Library and its utility to students and teachers.

3           Games and sports and their organizations.

4           Co-curricular activities.

5          The overall environment and interpersonal relations of the teachers among themselves, with the parents of the students and the community in general.

6           Administration and organization of the school.

7           Accounts of the school and their maintenance.

8           The school plan and physical needs of the school.

9           Discipline and punctuality in the school.

10         Adherence to the rules and instructions by the school.

11        National  integration/emotional  education/value  education  and  other items as incorporated in the inspection programme.

12         Calendar of activities.

13         Celebration of annual function.


3)  The inspecting officer shall go to each class and watch the teaching in at least two classes of each teacher and shall specifically note the good and bad points observed.



4)  All the inspecting officers shall ensure that follow up action on report is taken promptly.


7.4       Guidelines for Inspecting Officers


The supervision or inspection shall;


1)  aim at providing academic guidance to teachers and help the institution in the promotion of a higher standard of education;


2)  not aim at fault finding of the teachers and their work, but for providing concrete suggestions for the improvement of teaching, class work, home work and its correction;

3)  help the institution in organization of co-curricular programmes in a manner conducive to the all round development of the students and help in the co- curricular development of the school.


The supervision and inspecting officers shall;


1)  formulate a definite plan for supervising the subjects and classes of each teacher.

2)  focus  attention on the teaching-learning situation and not on the teacher as a person.

3)  emphasize  the  professional  growth  of  the  teacher  by  developing  his/her powers of self direction.

4)  give the teachers requisite freedom to try out new experiments, methods and innovations in the process of teaching.

5)  help the teachers to understand the role of the school, and the objectives to be achieved through the teaching-learning process in the school.


7.5       Inspection report


The proforma of inspection report to be filled in the prescribed format is given at


Annexure-I (Reference Para 9.2) Annual Surprise Inspection/Targets for Inspection

Proposed Inspection Schedule in Elementary Education Department

(Annual Inspection with prior notice)



Center Head Teacher (2097 No.) will inspect 100% schools within their centers in each quarter

4    Schools    on    an average.



Block  Elementary  Education  Officers  (124):  will  inspect  100%

Primary Schools under their respective jurisdiction. The inspection schedule will be divided proportionally in each quarter keeping in view the vacation schedule

90 to 100 schools per


(i.e.10514/124) on an average

Headmaster(High Schools 845 approx.)    All  the  Middle  Schools

under their respective control at least twice in a year.

4    Schools    on    an



Deputy Directors of Elementary Education (District):


a) Will inspect 100% Block Elementary Education Offices.


b) At least 40% Middle schools and


c)   10% Primary schools within their jurisdiction annually. The inspection schedule will be divided proportionally in each quarter keeping in view the vacation schedule. They will try to cover maximum schools and repeated visits to same schools should be avoided.

124 Block offices



80 to 90 schools on an average


Annual inspections by Directorate Level Officers


Director of Elementary Education   2 Dy.DEEEs Offices
10 BEEO’s offices
10 Middle Schools
20 Primary Schools
Addl. Director (Admn) One 4 Dy.DEE Offices
30 BEEO’s Offices
50 Middle Schools
100 Primary Schools
Joint Director Elementary Education One 6 Dy.DEE Offices
30 BEEO’s Offices
50 Middle Schools
100 Primary Schools
Deputy Director Elementary Education Five 20 BEEO’s Offices each
50 Middle Schools each
100 Primary Schools each
Asstt. Director Elementary Education Six 50 Middle Schools each
100 Primary Schools each



Joint Controller(F&A)/Asstt. Controller(F&A) may be associated with the inspection teams from the Directorate to inspect Deputy Director offices and BEEO offices. Inspections teams from Directorate will conduct annual inspections of:

1.         All the 12 district level Deputy Director of Elementary Education offices.


2.         At least 80 to 90% of Block Elementary Education Offices.


3.         At least 50 to 60% Middle Schools and


4.         At least 40% Primary Schools.


Surprise Inspections

In addition to regular annual inspections the surprise inspections will be conducted in the following manner:


1.   Director, Addl. Director and other Directorate level officers will conduct surprise inspection of any of the subordinate offices and middle/ primary schools as per the directions of the Director Elementary Education.


2.   Deputy  Directors  at  District  level  will  visit  the  Block  Elementary  Education offices, Middle / primary schools within their districts from time to time (at least

20% offices/ schools to be covered annually).




Headmaster High Schools/ BEEOS and CHTs will pay surprise visits to schools under their respective jurisdiction (at least 30% schools to be covered annually).


Submission Inspection Reports


Every inspecting officer other than the Director of Elementary Education, inspecting a school/office shall within 15 days submit a report on the prescribed “School Inspection Proforma” to the next higher authority with a copy to the concerned school. When the Director of Elementary Education himself makes an inspection, he shall send a copy of the inspection note to the head of the school/ office with a copy to the concerned Deputy Director Elementary Education of the concerned district for necessary action and compliance.


1)  CHTs will submit inspection reports to the concerned BEEOs within 10 days of the inspection.

2)  BEEOs   will   submit   the   information   regarding   inspections   by   CHTs   in consolidated form to the concerned Deputy Director of Elementary Education along with the action taken report with a copy to the Directorate  of Elementary Education.

3)  BEEOs willl submit inspection report in r/o schools inspected by them to the concerned Dy. DEE within 10 days, who will compile the information in r/o all BEEOs and submit the same to the Directorate quarterly on the prescribed proforma.

4)  Headmasters will submit inspection reports in respect of middle schools inspected by them to the concerned Dy.DEE.

5)  Dy.  DEEs  will  send  the  inspection  reports  in  r/o  BEEO’s  offices  to  the Directorate. In respect of schools inspected by them a consolidated report will be sent to the directorate quarterly. They will also submit a quarterly consolidated report of middle schools inspected by the concerned Headmasters.

6)  Action Taken Reports will be submitted to the higher offices with consolidated reports by all the inspecting officers.



Inspection Calendar




Name of office

District Elementary Education Office

Date of annual inspection
1. Kinnaur June 1st week
2. Spiti at Kaza June 1st week
3. Shimla June, 2nd week
4. Kullu June, 3rd week
5. Lahaul at Keylong June, 3rd week
6. Kangra July, 1st week
7. Chamba July, 1st week
8. Bilaspur July, 2nd week
9. Mandi July, 2nd week
10. Hamirpur August, 1st week
11. Una August, 1st week
12. Solan September, 1st week
13. Sirmaur September, 2nd week







1.Name  of School                                         Centre/Complex                                 


2. Name of Block                          Tehsil                        Distt.                                 


3. Name and Designation of inspecting officer                                                        




4. Date of inspection                                                                        


5. Name of Incharge of school                                                              


6. Date on which the school was last inspected                                   


a) Who inspected the school last                                                         


b)  Compliance  of  earlier  Inspection  Report  and  steps  taken  to  implement






1.   Staff Position (sanctioned posts/existing posts) No.                                 

Middle Schools

Posts Sanctioned Filled Vacant Present On authorized Leave Absent if any Remarks
PT WC              


Primary Schools







8.  Details of staff

S.No Name & Desig.

Of Teacher


nal qualifica tion



Date of

1st apptt.

Date    since

working in the present school

Date of

appoint ment in the present post



/PAT/ GVU/ Other



9. Attendance

1. Has the attendance register been filled/maintained according to rules                          

2.Whether casual leave register is maintained upto date as per rules                                





Name Post Period since absent. Remarks

a) Details of absent officials


S.No. Name of official Arrival time Reason for late coming


b).Information about late comers









10. Attendance of students


Class Total number On leave Absent Present


11. Details of students who left the school during current academic session


S. No. Name       of student Date             of admission Date on which name struck off/ withdrawal Reason for leaving the school by the students and efforts made to bring them back to school


12. Annual result of previous Three Years of  class 1ST TO 8TH  of the school






Class Total Pass %age Total Pass %age Total Pass %age


13. Building Details

a) Is the school housed in government building or in hired building                             




b) Description of school building

No.    of



or Pucca

Date          of

construction and year

Whether     building

has been handed over to Education Deptt.


boundary wall exists on all the four sides of the school or not


required    if any



13.(A) Details of white wash/repairs carried out in the building

a. Date of white wash last carried out in the building                          

b. Expenditure                                                                            

c. Executing office/agency                                                                  

II a. Nature of repair                                                                            

b. Date of repair                                                                                    c. Number of days devoted in repair                                                                                    d. Expenditure                                                                                                           

e. Executing office/agency                                                                  


13.(B) Sitting arrangements for teachers/students in the school


1. Is the staff room available in the school ?                          Yes/No


2. Number of Class rooms                   


3. Number of chairs and tables in the school                        


4. Number of almirahs/trunks/boxes in the school                         


5. Number of blackboards/wall boards in the school                        


b) Sitting arrangements for children


1. Are tat patti/carpet patti/desk benches available

in adequate numbers in the school ?                                  Yes/No


14. Drinking water/electricity/toilet facility


a) Is the facility of drinking water available in the school?   Yes/No b) Is the electricity facility available in the school?              Yes/No c) Is the toilet facility available in the school?                      Yes/No


15. Details of funds



Name    of


Total    deposit    on



deposited       in bank/post office





16. Inspection report in respect of following documents in the school a) Admission and withdrawal register                                                                                       b) School stock register/assets register                                                                          

c) Library register                                                                                 

d) Other registers                                                                              


17. Guardian-Teacher interaction

a) Has the guardian-teacher council been constituted?          Yes/No

b) Has the mother-teacher council been constituted?                        Yes/No c) Has the village education committee been constituted?    Yes/No

d) Has building fund committee been constituted?                Yes/No


18. Utilization of material distributed under Centrally   Sponsored Scheme




of article



Date     of


Stock Entry Date            of


To        whom




19. Implementation of mid-day-meal scheme


i)   Has the proper record/register been maintained ?                                                 

ii)  Quality of mid-day-meal being provided to students                                             

iii) Remarks other details                                                                                            




20. Working of the School i) Morning Assembly

a. Period                                                                                      


b. Exhibition of various articles                                                           


c. Name of teacher speaking on value education                                  


d. Entry/departure of students in the morning sabha                             


ii) Uniform/dress of students

a. Number of students without uniforms                                               b. Cleanliness of dress                                                                                                                 c. General get up/looks of children                                                                                           


iii) Health of children relating to

a. General health                                                                               

b. Cleanliness of teeth/protection of teeth                                           

c. Cutting of nails etc.                                                                         




S. No. Name   of




Was teaching material/ special teaching material used General level of working

work         of teacher

Level   of   education   of

students in the class



iv) Inspection of teaching work  in class






v) Checking of exercise notebooks by Teachers/Center Head     Teacher


. N o

Name of


Total   no.   of

exercise note books sample checked   by the inspector


Subjec t

Detail       of

notebooks checked and corrected by teacher

Periodicity        of


Daily Weekly  












21. Is the library facility available in the school?                   Yes/No

If yes,:

i) Total number of books in the library                                         

ii) Number of books issued to the students during the month                     

22. Is the playground facility available in the school?            Yes/No

If yes,

i) Area of the ground                                                                        

ii) Situation of the ground                                                                 


23. Is any sports related material available in the school?       Yes/No


i) If yes, then give details of available sports material.


ii) Whether participated in sports competition/tournament etc.  Yes/No


If yes, upto what level                                                                                          iii) Number of students who took part in sports competition                                                                      iv) Achievements                                                                                                                                  v) Expenditure      vi) Office/Organization from which funds were arranged                                         


24. Details of co-curricular activities


i) Do the students take part in co-curricular activities regularly?              Yes/No


ii)Type of co-curricular activities being taken up in the school                                  

iii) Time of taking up such activities in the week                                                        


25. Details of disabled children in the school, if any.

i)Number of disabled children in the school                                                          

Detailed account

S. No. Name of student Nature/type of disability


ii) Steps taken by the teachers to educate the disabled child.


iii) Type of encouragement/inspiration is being provided to the disabled children in the school.         


iv)Total  amount/type  of  assistance  being  provided  by  the  department  and  other organization.           


v. Details of utilization of grants by the school.                                                         


26. Details of teachers who received in-service teacher-training during last 3 years

S. No. Name &  Desig. of teacher Date and period of training received


27. Was comprehensive “Adhigam” Learning material available in school?  Yes/No

If yes, give details






28. What extra material is required to bring efficiency in teaching?





29. Has the radio-cum-cassette player been provided in the school               Yes/No


If yes, the time prescribed to use RCCP.                                                   


30. Kindly indicate those special new activities which have been introduced in the school?





31. Do the teachers take special classes of weak students?





32. Report of interaction with the teachers and an account of teachers problems?





33.  Has  the  Pradhan,  Gram  Panchayat  or  President  of  Block  Development

Committee/President of Zila Parishad ever visited/inspected the school?






34. Personal contact established by the Inspector with the Panchayat Pradhan and an account of their reaction on departmental activities.





35. What additional facilities are required to raise the education standard of the school (observations of the Inspector)?






36. Any special suggestion/observation or report of the inspecting officer






Signature of Inspecting Officer

Note: If the space provided for report is inadequate, please use separate sheets.


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