1. ACR Annual Confidential  Report
2. ADPEO Assistant  Director Physical Education Officer
3. BEEO Block Elementary Education Officer
4. BPL Below Poverty Line.
5. C&V Classical and Verncular
6. CCE Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation.
7. CDPO Child Development Project Officer
8. CHT Centre Head Teacher
9. CWSN Children with Special Needs.
10. D&DO Drawing and Disbursing Officer
11. DIET District Institute of Education and Training.
12. DISE District Information System on Education.
13. EGS Education Gurantee Scheme.
14. GOI Government of India.
15. GP Gram Panchayat.
16. GVU Gramin  Vidya Upasak
17. HT Head Teacher
18. IRDP Integrated  Rural Development  Programme
19. JBT Junior Basic Teacher
20 KGBV Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidaylaya.
21 MDM Mid Day Meal.
22. MDM Mid Day Meal
23. MIS Management Information System.
24. MNREGA Mahtama Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee


25. NCC National Cadet Corps
26. NCERT National Council for Educational Research and Training
27. NPEGL National Programme of Education for Girls.
28. OBC Other Backward Class.
29. PAT Primary Assistant Teacher
30. PH Physically Handicapped
31. PRI Panchayati Raj Institution.
32. PTR Parent Teacher Ratio
33. RTE Right to Education Act.
34. SC Scheduled Caste.
35. SDM Sub Divisional Magistrate
36. SMC School Management Committee.
37. SOE Standard Object of Expenditure
38. SSA Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
39. ST Scheduled Tribe.
40. TET Teacher Eligibility Test.
41. TGT Trained Graduate Teacher
42.. TLM Teaching Learning Methodology
43. TWO Tehsil Welfare Officer
44. VER Village Education Register.




1.         Short title and Commencement :


1)        The code may be called “The Himachal Pradesh Elementary Education

Code -2012”.

2)         This  code  approved  by  the  Govt.  vide  letter  no                                

dated            and supersedes the old Education Code-2001…

3)        The code will come into force w.e.f.

4)         The instructions in this code shall apply to all Government/Government Aided Educational Institutions affiliated to the Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education and those institutions recognized by the State Government.


2.         Definitions and Classifications


1.1.      The definitions and classifications in this chapter apply throughout the code except where it is otherwise stated.


1.2.      In this code unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context:-

1.2.1.   Words importing the masculine gender shall be taken to include females also, and

1.2.2.   Words in singular shall include the plural and vice-versa.


1.3.      “Aided  School”  means  a  school  under  private  management,  which receives aid from general revenue of the state.


1.4              “Child” means any child in the age of 6 to 14 years;

1.5             “Child  belonging  to  disadvantaged  group”  means  the  child belonging to Scheduled       Caste or Scheduled Tribe or Other Backward Classes, who belongs to a family that is below the poverty line or is a disabled child as per the provisions containted in Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995.

1.6 “Child belonging to weaker section”  means the child belonging to such guardian or parent who belongs to Below Poverty Line family.


1.7       “Code of Professional Ethics”   means a set of rules and obligations for the conduct of teachers in accordance with the ideals of the profession.

1.8       “Co – educational School” means a school in which the curriculum and classification followed are those laid down for boys and girls both.

1.9       “Department” means the Elementary Education Department, Himachal




1.10     “District  Institute  of  Education  and  Training  (DIET)”  means  an institution imparting training, instruction and guidance to pre-service and in-service teachers.

1.11                 “Elementary education” means the education from first class to eigth class.

1.12     “Elementary  School”  means  an  institution  in  which  instructions  are imparted from 1st to 8th standards.

1.13     “Government School” means a school, which is under the administrative control of the Government and in which the course of study conforms to the standards approved by the department.


1.14     “Government   Revenue”   means   the   revenue   administered   by   the

Himachal Pradesh Government


1.15     “Head of the Department” means the Director of Elementary Education.


1.16     “Head of the Institution” means Principle/Headmaster/Headmistress of the school.


1.17     “Inspecting Officer” means any officer of the department to whom the duty of inspection is entrusted.


1.18     “Neighbourhood” means a minimum contiguous population of 500 or more in one or more than one village; and Municipal area.




1.19     “Private School” means a school that does not come under the definition of a Government school or a recognized school.


1.20     “Recognized School” means a public school in which the course of study conforms to the standards approved by the department, which is inspected by the department and has been recognized by the State Government prior to 15-7-96.


1.21     “Schools are for”


(a) General education  :-


Schools  for  general  education  are  classified  according  to  the standard upto  which they teach as under :-


(i) Pre-Elemenatry Schools

Nursery schools


(ii) Elementary Schools (Primary)                                      (1st     to

5th Class)

(iii) Elementary Schools (Primary+Upper Primary) (1st to 8th Class)




(b) Special education :-


Schools for special education are like Industrial training, Polytechnic, Agriculture, Multipurpose, Library science, Language teaching, Physical education, O.T ., Home science, Pre-vocational Training Schools.


1.22     “SMC” constituted under section 21 of RTE Act,2009 is a non-political body constituted for better co-ordination and interaction between parents and teachers for improvement in standards, quality education and insfrastructure in a school.

1.23     “Schools  under  Public  Management”  are  schools  under  the  direct management   of   Government   or   committees   acting   on   behalf   of Government or boards exercising statutory powers.


1.24     “School Year”  means:

(a)        Financial year, viz. from 1st April to 31st March for both winter and summer closing schools.

(b)       Academic year, viz. for-

(i)        Summer closing schools: From 1st April to 31st March.

(ii)        Winter closing schools: from 16 February to 15 February.





1.22     “SMC” is a non-political body constituted for better co-ordination and interaction between parents and teachers for improvement in standards of quality education and infrastructure in a school.


1.23     “Scholarship” means a periodic payment to a pupil, granted for a fixed period on conditions approved by the Department.


1.24     “Open Scholarship” means a scholarship, which is not restricted to any particular  section  or  class  and  is  awarded  under  rules  of  general application.


1.25      “Guardian” in relation to child means a person having the care and custody of that child and includes a natural guardian or guardian appointed or declared by a court or a statute.


1.26       “Stipend”  means  subsistence  allowance  paid  to  a  pupil  on  certain conditions to enable or induce him to pursue a specified course of study.


1.27     “Government   Revenue”   means   the   revenue   administered   by   the

Himachal Pradesh Government.


1.28      “Code of Professional Ethics” means a set of rules and obligations for the conduct of teachers in accordance with the ideals of the profession.


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