Constitution of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch


                         Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch

            (HP Teachers’ Revolution Tribune,Himachal Pradesh)


Himachal Pradesh is a land of Gods and Education . It has  obtained several achievements in the field of education. After independence, there has been many revolutionary changes in the field of education. The changing nature of education and its teachers has made an appeal in the mind of some educationists to direct the education department and teachers for betterment of people, children and the nation. Hence, we see the lack of any manch (tribune) on education which could effort on ground about many unsolved issues. Hence, it is the aim of education reformers and educationists to make a collective effort to establish a common platform as Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch (H.P.Teachers’ Revolution Tribune).

           Aims, objectives and rules of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch

Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch has supposed the following aims and objectives as most important in the field of education for which the members of the manch will work daily.

(1)   There should be a constant struggle in the field of elementary education for making a single category of primary teachers instead of the existing categories as Gramin Vidya Upasaks, Primary Assistant Teachers ,Contract Primary Teachers,Vidya Upasaks, NTTs ,Volunteer Teachers. Such categorization must be ended by making all teachers JBT and regular pay scale must be given to them(after specific training and period of service).If any category of the abovementioned is not given training and benefits of regularization even after the fixed term of eight years of service,the members of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will agitate for them in different ways as complainting to higher authorities of state and centre government,meetings of protest and sending letters daily or e-mail protest messages to authorities about the injustice occurring with any category.

(2)   Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will not support/favour the teachers guilty of laziness towards his/her duties,accused of any rape case with students/others,any criminal offence or under trial about it in any court of India. Our members will not drink alchohal and they will never smoke too. They must improve their character and qualifications. They will have to be at least a graduate or read 10 books on education per year.

(3)       Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will struggle for the determination of a specific symbol for education Department.

(4)   The dress code for both students and teachers is our agenda.If any manch member will not co-operate about it, his membership will be cancelled.      

(5)   The department of Elementary Education should give at least right of pension to each employee. The pension benefits must be hiked. We shall struggle for this hike.

(6)   All primary schools should be given computers and there shuld be at least a clerk in each primary school for implementation of Mid Day Meal Programme, various clerical works as SSA Data collection and reporting etc. Teachers must be given the soul work of teaching which is the soul work of the teachers recruited under R & P rules for teaching than clerical post.

(7)   There should be an online data of all teachers of Primary/Elementary teachers.The e- service book of primary/elementary teachers, seniority list of teachers , important rules and regulations of education code for teachers and important downloadable forms of Dept. of Elementary Education must be launched. For these facilities,there should be a website of Elementary Education Department in HP like that of Dept. of Higher Education (HP) as

(8)    The members of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will also launch its website when the resources will allow albeit the website of Sh. Vijay Kumar Heer will be launched by June, 2009 in every condition at

(9)   The members of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will favour SSA and other initiatives which are ready for academic development of the teachers,but the use of minimum working days should be done for it.There shoukd be at least one teacher for each class in Primary schools but it must be minimum 2 teachers in the schools having less than 30 students’ enrolment.

(10)                      The quota for primary teachers in promotion under elementary education system must be increased from existing 15 percent to 25 percent as their percentage in the system is huge as compared to other categories.

(11)                      There must be a HPES(Himachal Pradesh EducationService) Commission for the posts of BEEO/BPEO /DDEO/Joint Director/Advisor to Director/secretary posts.The minimum eligibility standards should be fixed with consultation of NCTE and AICTE, New Delhi.We feel the need of competition in this regard.

(12)                      The report of pay commission should be applicable for hiking the pay/honorarium of MDM workers & helpers, Aanganwaree workers,PTWCs and PATs/GVUs/Contract employees. We will struggle for it.

(13)                      The seminars for discussion of current educational problems and their solution by members of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will be organized twice a year.

(14)                      The members of  Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will demand for establishment of science centre in HP and English Medium in Primary Schools. There should be a definite uniform for elementary schools(Govt./Pvt.) in HP for a better  society and common school system.

(15)                       Promotion benefits must be given to B Com,B Ed. Qualified primary teachers for the post of TGT. Similarly, there should be recruitment of ETTs in elementary system and candidates having ETT qualification must be allowed to get jobs instead of the state bond term. We must fight for the right of the ETT diploma holders of J&K state which has special status of act 370 for recognition of all courses done in it.

(16)                      The manch will not collect any fund from any teacher for their works.The affiliation fee for Himachal Shikshak Mahasangh will be paid by collection and its membership will be Rupees Fifty per month. The amount will be submitted to Himachal Shikshak Mahasangh.  Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch President will bear the rest of expenditures personally.

(17)                      The Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will not be a substitute of Himachal Shikshak Mahasngh, however,It can be merged in the HP JBT Cell of Himachal Shikshak Mahasangh if  acting state presidents will wish to do so. We shall not be a barricade in the way of any union.

(18)                      The members of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will support Yoga Teachers of Himachal Pradesh.

(19)                      The Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will also support contract primary teachers and their union.

(20)                      The Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will support PATs union lead by its own members.

(21)                      The demand of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will also be in social sphere.We shall not keep mum about rising social problems and the members will act according to their wit for the welfare of general public. We shall also try to awake media about rising problems,however, right to give any press note will be reserved in hands of the state president of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch

(22)                      The members of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will not follow the path of violence in any condition.

(23)                      The elections of Manch will be once in two years. The affiliation will be revised before 31 st March of every year. As the  Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will not collect money from its members for any purpose (but the membership fee of HSM will be collected and submitted per year),it will have no money in hand for the audit purpose. It will give only a detail of receipts money collected and handed over to HSM and all the audits will be beared by the affiliators as they would have money. We shall give only social service for nothing.

            The National and International Reports /decisions of courts etc. will also be studied by the union and they will react in this regard via president of   Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch . The decreasing enrolment of children in government primary/elementary schools is our major area of operation. We will act to decrease this problem at our own level.

(24)                      Any member of the manch will not do any indiscipline in respect of the constitution of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch and Himachal Shikshak Mahasangh.

(25)                      The government of Himachal Pradesh will get our full co-opeartion for welfare of teachers, MDM workers and Part Time Water Carriers.


       The Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will be affiliated and registered under Himachal Shikshak Mahasangh as its unit in field of elementary education .


                                           Qorum and meetings

There will be only six meetings of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch per year.2/3 presence of all members or 66 delegates may break the present body elected and may repoll for new executive body. It is also important that  Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will select 100(One Hundred) members only in HP.It will work independently with help of the members as constitution has given us the fundamental right of making any group for our common interest.Hence, this Manch will follow the theme. It will allow 33% reservation for female teachers(if they wish to join it).

                                      Elections and Election procedure


The elections of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will be done on the basis of merit and qualifications. The teachers having highest qualifaication will be listed and they will get the opportunity to prove their majority.As Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch     will have the rule of proving 51% majority,the leader will be selected by voting.The voting will be secret as done with help of the polling in democratic process. In case, 51% votes are not obtained due to large number of contestant candidates, the number of maximum votes obtained by any teacher will be the criteria for becoming the leader/delegate of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch.


Posts for election in Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch are as below:

(1)   President (State )            , Pradhan( District)

(2)   Secretary (State)              , Sachiv   (District)

(3)   Advisor    (State)              , salahkaar(District)

(4)   Treasurer (state)               , Koshadhyaksha(District)

(5)   Joint Secretary(State)      ,  Sah-Sachiv (District)

(6)   Co-ordinator (state)          , Samanwyak(District)

(7)   Other Delegates(maximum 4 delegates based on their capabilities)


Mebership: (1) Lifetime : The members will have to pay rupees 500 (Five Hundred ) for the life time membership.

                      (2) free membership: It is open to all working and retired teachers of any Govt./Private School in Himachal Pradesh.

                      (3) Registerd Membership: The members will have to pay rupees Fifty (50) in favour of Himachal Shikshak Mahasangh on the receipt pad of Himachal Shikshak Mahasngh. This fee will give its members one year registered membership.


                                    Conducting the Elections

  1. The dates of election will be declared in March/June per year by acting president of  Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch.
  2. The state president of Himachal Shikshak Mahasangh will  conduct these elections in their presence.The expenditures of election will be done by the affiliators of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch.
  3. The names of delegates will be published in media(at least once a year).
  4. No entry will be available for the teachers having any criminal background.



It is our fundamental right to make a group or manch of people having common interest. We are establishing Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch with the same motive. It will be affiliated to Himachal Shikshak Mahasangh but it cannot be forced to be registered under the society act xxii,1862 because manch does not come under the status of union/association/society in the legal definition . So it will work as a platform of teachers’ various demands. It is obvious that Himachal Shikshak Mahasangh is registered under AISTF, New Delhi & ABRSM, New Delhi and   Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch is its unit making it registered with national body of union. As Primary Teachers’ Federation (PTF), Highly Qualified Teachers’ Union and many other teachers related union also are not registered with act xxii, 1862 of Indian Society Act, it is understood that they are also affiliated to National Level Unions of Teachers and the affiliation with these unions make the units recognized. Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch will however try to make its registration under the act of registration of societies if its members  will wish to do so only and only if the aims and objectives as well as constitution of  Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch are not affected under its rules and regulisations. Our motto is welfare of students,teachers and public.


2 responses to “Constitution of Himachal Shikshak Kranti Manch

  1. Respected Sir Jai Hind—-
    Myself Anurag Sharma (President Trained JBT Association 2008-10 DIET Mandi) want your kind support on following issue :——————
    As you know that Govt. has approved 1293 JBT posts in the cabinet of 18 Aug.,2011. Our batch of 1461 trained candidates has been waiting for job since last one year. It is first time ever in history that after one year of completion of training we are just unemployed still now. At the present time there is no any type of hint for recruitment process. We all are too much depressed on this irresponsible attitude of Govt & Elementary Education Dept. and facing a lot of problems. We have no more Patience & our people can follow any bold or dangerous step because it is too much now. You are therefore kindly requested to please help us to save our career & give us proper guideline for our right. All the trained JBTs of Himachal are with you, its our promise.

  2. Respected Sir
    I want to congratulate you on your these achievement you have in your life till date and the journey is still on. I salute you for great work in the education sector. Sir can you tell me what is going to be held in favor of ex servicemen. If you have any information regarding the ESM appointment as JBT (backlog/all) then please copy and paste the same on your site. There are many qualified and eligible ex servicemen waiting for appointment as a JBT since 8 – 10 years. If you have any information then please post the same.
    Hoping for the best.

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