My struggle

my struggle by heer



 Myself,Vijay Kumar Heer had written letters with blood regarding regularisation of Vidya Upasaks. He agitated for them constantly for 2 years and got success.The he sent the matter of MID DAY MEAL workers and helpers to PM Office and Office of President of India.The result was there.The wages of MDM workers were raised from 200 to 400 after it.The extra time of 15 minutes to be allotted to students and inclusion of child rights and human rights was done by HP Board of School Education on his plea.Secondly,he got suceess in hiking the wages of Aanganwari workers as well as of the Bal Sewikas of Himachal Pradesh. Heer also fought against casteism.He sent his report on oppose of the caseist refrences versus swarans and Dalits to National Commossion of Sechdule Caste and PMO,President of India,Human Rights Commission etc. The report was praised by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and the National Commossion of Sechdule Caste made an explaination of state in the matter.After  it,these ojectionable refrences were eradicated.All the proofs are available if anybody wants to make an inquiry.Heer is also excellent in reserach works> He has done and published 3 researches on Education.